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At the Citadel in Hue

At the Citadel in Hue

Fun to see our family’s trip to Vietnam in this article on heritage travel:

“Luong La’s family fled the communist regime in Vietnam in 1979. Now a father of three living in Santa Barbara, California, he and his wife decided they wanted to spend one of their family vacations bringing the kids back to his native country to learn about it….

‘My husband thought that by seeing the places he had grown up in, the kids would have a better understanding of him,’ says Luong’s wife, Michelle Robin La. ‘My husband’s extended family keeps their heritage alive in America with food, language and celebrations like the Lunar New Year. By traveling in Vietnam for a month we immersed the kids in the place these traditions came from.'”

–“Heritage tourism: Using travel to explore roots and culture” by┬áKristi Eaton for the AP.┬áRead the article here.

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